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Welcome to the Medicines Formulary webpages for the East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust.

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Joint Formulary Development within ESNEFT


The East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust officially came into existence on the 1st July 2018. Therefore, these webpages will evolve in their content over time as the two previous independent Trusts (Ipswich and Colchester) merge their practice and bring their Medicines Formularies together. At this time, there are many differences in the approved medicines choices available across the Ipswich and Colchester sites; many of the differences are historical but some reflect the differing clinical processes that take place at each locality. Therefore, some of the listed medicines will have comments relating to specific usage and availability for each site.

At this present time, there are also differences in practice and process between ESNEFT and the two associated Clinical Commissioning Groups. These netFormulary webpages currently contain references to the “traffic light” system relevant to East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group only. The “traffic light” process is much different at North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group and will remain so until such time as an agreed, collaborative system is agreed across the locality. Prescribing information (Medicines Formulary, “Traffic Light” system and associated Clinical Guidelines) relating to North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group can be found via:

Further formulary information relating to Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group can also be found here

Primary care 

Please note to access some of the links below you may need to be logged into the CCG website

Medicines Management (CCG website) Drug Tariff Self-care leaflets
Practice data Newsletters
Travel Vaccines Shared care
Suffolk Antibiotic Formulary 2017-2019 Position statements

Secondary care (IHT only)

Please note some of the links below will only work if you have access to the hospital intranet

Pharmacy intranet site Therapeutic substitution register Enoxaparin guidance
PRS (pharmacy only) How to write a controlled drug prescription
PGDs IFR information
IHT Antimicrobial formulary April 2017 Pharmacy newsletters

Other available resources

NHSE funded drugs

Provides a list of medicines that are only funded by NHS England- These drugs should only be prescribed by the specialist

Self-care leaflets

Provides information for patients to manage minor ailments and when to seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

Specialist pharmacy service(SPS)

Provides information for the stability of medicines in dosette boxes, UKIMI Q&As and other information relating to the use of medicines.


Provides information for maternal exposure to drugs


Information on drugs in breastfeeding- please note that this is an American resource and is subject to change

NEWT guidelines

Information on the administration of medication for patients with feeding tubes or swallowing difficulties. Please note that this will require a username and password.

Green Book

Information on immunisation of infectious diseases

Just in case medication policy

Suffolk Wide document on managing end of life patients

East Anglia Medicines Information Service

Web form to submit inquiries 

For use by healthcare professionals

For a list of other freely available resources please click here

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Approved chapters

Please note the following chapters have been approved for use

  • Chapter 4 - Central nervous system
  • Chapter 8 - Malignant disease and immunosuppression

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The issue has been raised with the company who are looking into it.

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Update: The issue has been resolved and the website should be displaying the information correctly

Approved chapters

Please note the following chapters have been approved for use

  • Chapter 3 - Respiratory
  • Chapter 9 - Nutrition and blood
  • Chapter 12 - Ear Nose and oropharynx

We hope you continue to find this resource useful.

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Approved chapters

Please note the following chapters have been approved for use

  • Chapter 1-Gastro
  • Chapter 2-Cardio
  • Chapter 5-Infection
  • Chapter 6-Endocrine
  • Chapter 10-Musculoskeletal
  • Chapter 13-Skin
  • Unlicensed medicines (ULM) section-hospital only

Please note a number of chapters are still currently under review and are not approved for use. These chapters will be indicated with the following banner at the top of each chapter

Section under review

Please note this section is under review and has not been approved for use. Once approved it will be noted in the news section and communicated through all relevant methods

Please note content may be visible in these chapters as they are under development



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